amqu (amqu) wrote in the_proseportal,

Louis L'Amour

Since lostinagoodbook says this community is about our reading and not necessarily only serious literature, I think this post will be kosher. ;)

I've started re-reading Louis L'Amour. In my youth, I'd read the majority of his books. But this time, I'm reading them in the order he wrote them to see if and how his writing may have changed over the years. So far, I'd have to say they did change a bit. But I'd say this is because his first books were written for the 50s pulp magazines and were a little more juicy.

I like reading his descriptions of nature. You can tell they are written by someone who has actually experienced what it feels like to be out alone in the wilderness. He has a very spare descriptive style which I really like, although sometimes it's almost lyrical.
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